We recognize that women who seek our services have individual needs and circumstances.
By providing abortions in a private setting we are able to accommodate these needs.

As a private physician's office, we are contracted with most insurance plans.  Please call our office to find out if your insurance will cover services.

Dr Rosenfeld is an expert on preventing unplanned pregnancies as seen on this local FOX News interview.

Dr. Rosenfeld is a board certified obstetrician gynecologist with over 30 years of experience providing quality abortion services. He offers a complete range of services from routine women's health care to more complex health issues so the purpose of each woman's visit is completely confidential.

We offer early surgical abortions and the abortion pill (RU486). As soon as the pregnancy test is positive we are able to see you.

You will meet with Dr. Rosenfeld before the abortion procedure.  This is an excellent opportunity to address any questions or concerns. Dr. Rosenfeld's background in medicine and psychology make him uniquely qualified to not only provide the highest quality care but also to be very sensitive to the emotional needs of his patients.

Private discussion with one of our nurses regarding the abortion procedure and after care. This is a private discussion, however at the patient's request, a support person may be included.

Private Recovery with your support person at your side and monitored by our nursing staff.  You won't be in a room with other patients.

Minimal Waiting. Total time at our office is less than two hours.

Most current, effective contraception available.

Patient comment: "I didn't want to go to a clinic and sit with other patients waiting for their abortion. Even though the cost was more, it was worth it to have the privacy and be able to have my support person with me as I recovered. Dr. Rosenfeld and the entire staff were so kind and understanding. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

Texas requires 24 hour consent, which means you must receive state mandated information at least 24 hours before you can have an abortion.  

Please note, this information was written by state officials not by our medical/clinical staff. This information explains the abortion procedure and risks, risks of childbirth, fetal development, alternatives to abortion and resource directory of agencies.

You may view the State's website here:

CLICKING HERE Texas Dept. of Health - A Women's Right to Know Act - HB15.





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